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I Swear You're not too old... (1 Viewer)


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Now, I know most of us here are above a first or second grade reading level.

(If any of you aren't, no insult meant.) :wink:

There are, however, some very good books for younger readers out there that are still excellent, even when you are a bit older.

I have found these to be delightful:

-A Series of Unfortunate Events- Lemony Snicket (well, not really...)
-Harry Potter (duh)- JK Rowling
-Spiderwick- Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
-Eragon- Chris Paolini
-The Edge Chronicles (the pictures in this are incredible)-Paul Stewart
-The Keys to the Kingdom- Garth Nix

Seriously, these should definitly be read. Okay okay. I know alot of people here don't like Eragon, but in all honesty, that is probably the least entertaining of them out of this. They are all very, very good.


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Alice in Wonderland is good....

I haven't gotten around to reading the Chronicles of Narnia yet.

But yes, Roald Dahl, almost forgot that one... (well techinically I did.)


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My favorite children's book is Watership Down. For some reason, a bunny warren that resembles Nazi-age Germany is too good to resist.


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Alice in Wonderland was always my favourite book as a kid and I still happily sit down and read it, even the small picture book versions.

I love the Harry Potter series and A Series Of Unfortunate Events, though.


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All the Olivia books. Go check them out at your library. Ian Falconer is one of my favorite New Yorker illustrators and is the master of understated dry wit.


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who's hating on eragon? i loved that book... kinda dramatic but still it was nice....

YES watership down is most certainly a choice prospect i love that book and always will

if ur in the market for tounger kid books try this Bartimaeus Trilogy books... the first one is pretty good... it makes interesting use of footnotes XP


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I'm a big fan of the Edge Chronicles. The series is amazingly creative and the detail in the artwork is just incredible.

Chronicles of Narnia, another good series. I still have yet to read the last one, Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favourite.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy is another great one. I've read the first two and the second one is a lot darker and more mature than the first. I agree, the use of footnotes is rather entertaining.

If you're looking for people who disliked Eragon, there's a long discussion somewhere in this section.


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Harry Potter really is an amazing series. It's so underrated these days by people who pass it off as just a kids book. The first book is geared at a young age, but as the books progress, so does the target age group. The plot becomes more complex, and the themes become darker.

I've read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and they're really great. Wonderland is one of my favourite mythologies... I'll have to read those books again sometime. It's been a while since I have...

As far as Narnia goes, I've read The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but it's been a while since I've read them.
I loved His Dark Material by Phillip Pullman. This is definitely a book for everyone to read; however, i don't understand the big hype around A Series of Unfortunate Events. I can understand why it would be appealing to children, but to adults? I mean, c'mon! Any word over 10 letters is automatically defined... while you're reading the story no less. And the end?! She has to figure out a way so the man can't marry her? How to get past saying, "I do?" I never understood the hype around this book.
Some other good childrens lit to read:
Gifts by Ursula Le Guin
The Satanic Mill by Preussler
The Ear The Eye and The Arm by Nancy Farmer
Momo by Michael Ende
The Giver by Lowry


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She had to find a good way of getting past saying I do because her little sister was hanging out a window and would be dropped to her death if she tried to pull anything smart. There was a man staying by the window and they had walkie talkies and would kill her the instant she tried to get out of it.

ah, but you cant really understand the beauty of it until you read the whole series (well, up to book 11), its just so incredible.


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Redwall is the first fantasy stories i ever read. i loved it and i will always love it... except for the fact that i think he's running out of ideas... his latest one featured a hedgehog in a wheelchair? i mean seriously cmonnnn


Whilst no one can deny that I am indeed wonderful, I don't see how anyone could say the same for Harry Potter. It's great, if you're nine.