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I submitted to a publisher and now they are spamming me (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
As the title says, I submitted a piece to a publisher and now they are clogging my email with asking me to enter contests that require me to pay them money. (I'm not stupid so I'm never going to hand a publisher money.)

My submission was just a 100 word flash and of course I'm not expecting to get money out of the deal, but this sounds wrong.

They are borderline nagging me at this point for what seems like no reason, sending me junk mail about twice per day and insisting that my submission will not be considered if I do not accept the spam.

Do I cut my losses?


Staff member
In a nutshell, yes. Cut your losses. There are numerous places to submit and they won't fill your inbox with spam. This publisher actually sound quite aggressive and unprofessional If you want to share the name of the publisher, please share to the Good, Bad and the Ugly forum which is only visible to WF members.


Wow, that's crazy. I see a lot of markets that will automatically add you to their mailing list once you submit, and in these cases, I'll get sporadic mass distributed emails about upcoming contests or deadlines or releases, etc., but never anything as targeted or constant as what you described. Sounds pretty shady to me.


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It was nuts. Withdrawing the submission wasn't as easy as a click of a button (they didn't use moksha; big surprise). I told the address spamming me that I wanted to withdraw my submission and blocked them.

Then I got ANOTHER EMAIL FROM A DIFFERENT ADDRESS asking me to "clarify" that I really did want to withdraw that particular story. I told them "yes, that's the story I want to withdraw" and blocked them, too.

I hope that's the last I hear from this gang.

Kyle R

WF Veterans
I'm waiting for a third email from another account to ask you: "But are you SURE that you're sure you want to withdraw???" :beguiled: