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I self published a kids book (1 Viewer)

After graduating from college I decided that I needed to finally get serious when it came to wanting to become a writer. With this in mind I decided to go ahead and self publish the book in the series of eight. The series is called Time of the Turning.

The series focuses on a girl by the name of Isabel Nolan, who eventually becomes known by her nickname Charm. When she tries to go on vacaction with her grandmother, she soon finds that it is not a normal vacation at all. Instead it is a trip to the last sanctuary in the world for magic, the island of Labarus. Charm soon finds herself having to make allies in the entertaining Jester Kaikai, the studious bookworm Loop, and the abrasive mechanic Knot of the Convey.

The book is intented for young readers, but I feel that anyone who enjoys a good story can find something to like about the story. I am hoping that the series will be picked up or I make enough back so that I will be able to complete the series.

The book is available through both Amazon.com and through the self publishing company Authorhouse.com. I hope that you not only take the time to buy the book, but to also read and enjoy it.

My best, a Jester, one of the many in the world.