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I read a variety of books........ (1 Viewer)

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I read a lot of current affairs and browse websites.I read my daily newspaper and anything eyecatching.As for books most bore me and many are outdated.

As for what I used to read before:

Books by Charles Dickens
Sherlock Holmes Books by Sir Arthur Conan Dyle
Other Classics

If I do ever read any book currently it would be about writing,computing and online marketing.

In the past week I read many marketing ebooks by the gurus.

Abdallah Khamis Abdallah


Senior Member
Are you still a Holems fan? Or have you joined the many joyless folks who refer to him as Shear Luck?
I like Holmes but he became a bit too much after awhile. At first I was memorized by his ability to recognize and evaulate things. Now it's still enjoyable but I find it's a bit over the top.

It also has a problem that causes you to often watch him solve the mystery rather than trying to solve it with him.

Charles Dickens is a good author. I had to get used to his writing style at first though.

John Bradbury

Senior Member
I'm exactly the same, I love to read articles and non-fiction books but I'm not very well read when it comes to novels. This isn't a big problem at the moment as my writing is mainly non-fiction, but as I try to develop my skills in other areas I know this will need to change.

Any recommendations for someone who hasn't read a novel in years? (books available in the UK)
I'd read To Kill A Mockingbird or Of Mice and Men if you haven't already. They are both the type of book you'd read in school but I found them to be good. They aren't difficult to read either.

The novels are fairly realistic and if memory serves me correctly I believe they could both actual happen but didn't.
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