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I posted "Alabama:Kindest Spirit" under non-fiction non-workshop (1 Viewer)

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I introduced myself the other day under the same title "Alabama: Kindest Spirit" saying I was looking to write that, then, I posted that for critique under the non-Fiction non-workshop section. Internal link is fine, right? https://www.writingforums.com/threads/189620-Alabama-The-Kindest-Spirit?p=2305273 I like the intro makes the appropriate feeling. This definitely captures a top-level chivalrous motif. I guess I weakly tied the world situation in the second paragraph. Maybe, simplified is too difficult, its about these Unionists invading Clarksburg West Virginia for sure, a war to invade the Appalachian hillbilly, I've never seen that movie set in Clarksburg Virginia... Just the Beverly Hillbillies...

past prologue and Alabama, don't we ourselves Have Governor George Wallace's leadership as our own private issue? So he has two contexts, national critiques, and Governor of Alabama. Governor George Wallace built the Public Universities like Bob Riley or any of them. Maybe the whole 6 paragraphs is too long to capture from the start of this... The Federal Government succeeded in removing the aspiration of Alabamians? "They're greater than God they believe" "they're making Counterfeit bills", says "In God we Trust". When's God or his Church going to be more powerful than your Government to you, do you think?

Its totally a valid, open, affront on the South or should have been. Its a primary cause of that old war. Its a primary discussion of a war. Southern Presbyterianism stating again to defend the liberty of Religious Freedom to practice worship. Somebody says you don't have it, that's mean-hearted. The flag, constitution, governor, media, history of a State talking about Reformed religion, you don't have it. So we establish the Immediate concern being in Korea and their huge concern on these issues as the most pressing concern. Whats your critique to these ends?

The ending is too weak, its about Christians are a type that gets to define itself from Chivalry, gallantry, Crusades, Knights, and the Government gets to redefine your Religion from the war. Just look at Farewell to Slavianka or Bonnie Blue Flag or what else can we name, who is it believes they're in the Christian heritage? Critiques please.
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