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I need a new pc purchase advice. (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
My pc is breaking down. (Windows Operating System)
And a little old.
I don't know when it will last.
I have to buy another one.
I'm waiting for Amazon's Black Friday.

I mainly need the computer to write, I wrote everything using "Scrivener".
And if possible, it shouldn't cost that much
I need some advice.


Senior Member
If you were an enthusiastic gamer, there are sites you could get information on processor types and graphic cards and such from. If you mostly just write, pretty much everything is good enough. Waiting for a cheap offer from a halfway reputable firm is a good idea.

If the hard disk is playing tricks, make sure you make frequent backups of your work. That's extremely important.


Senior Member
No, I don't use it to play.
I use this PC, and the next one, to write.
The problem with the internal power supply, it is not enough to change the battery.


Senior Member
Whichever new PC you buy today, it should be powerful enough for writing and such.

If you're short on money, you might want to take your current PC to a computer repair shop. Maybe you simply need to replace one or two parts which will be a lot cheaper than a new PC. If they ask you to leave the computer there, I would tell them to take the hard disk out and take it home with you. (Unless of course there's nothing sensitive on it.)


Senior Member
It's a laptop. I cannot unplug the hard disk.
On Monday I will call a repair shop, and I inquire.
Meanwhile, I inquire about a new computer.


Senior Member
I don't know what you consider 'that much', but a decent new laptop can be had at Amazon for ~$250.

You also didn't give us much information about what's wrong with your current machine.

It would be an unusual laptop that didn't allow you to replace the hard drive, if that's the source of your trouble.