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I need a fresh new novel (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I'm want something with an anti-hero, something possibly dark and tragic but preferably not horror. I've been looking at some novels but I'm worried that they won't be good or I won't enjoy the authors style of writing.
I've been trying to find The Lonely Hearts Club by Raul Nunez but no where has it in stock. I've been looking at a portrait of Dorian Gray but I'm worried it will be dry and lifeless and the style of it won't feel new enough to me. Valley of the Dolls seems to thick and I don't want to risk investing my time in something I won't enjoy and I enjoyed the Talented Mr Ripley film but I'm afraid the books won't be as glossy or dark.
Can some one please make some recommendations?

Erik Buchanan

Senior Member
Neuromancer is good. In fact, most of William Gibson is good for dark.

How about "A Tale of Two Cities" (Charles Dickens) or "The Prisoner of Zenda" (Anthony Hope)

For something a little more current, "The Debt to Pleasure" by [SIZE=-1]John Lanchester. Wonderfully descriptive, twisted as all get out.

Also, C.S. Friedman writes some good dark fantasy.
I would recommend my book, but it's not really dark anti-hero stuff. Maybe the next one.