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I lost the bet... (1 Viewer)


I'm not in the least bit sorry to say I'm the loser in a bet between Rico and myself. As NaNoer's, we'd challenged each other to see who could finish first, and Rico, writing-god that he is, thoroughly proved his superiorty over me. 50,000 words in roughly 3 days. The man is a machine! Anyway, this post is for him, by right of victory. (And I still take full credit as the reason behind the drive to win, Rico :p )

Rico is a writing-god. Not only did he beat me, he beat me by an ocean sized margin and left me gasping for air. His superior writing ability puts me to shame, and his dedication to finishing is beyond words.

You have my admiration, Rico. You won the bet, and earned the winning post. I bow in your illustrious literary presence, hoping to catch even a tiny scrap of your supreme novel writing skills. I offer you the throne of the Writingforums.com NaNo team, and pledge that I shall tout your unrivaled talent wherever I tread on this tiny planet. And should I ever venture forth into the vast uncharted space of our cosmos, I will bring word of you, and your noveling ability, to other worlds.

...too much? lol. Seriously, I'm truly impressed. You beat me hands down, and are entitled to all the bragging rights that brings.

Rico--NaNo King of WF!

Great work, 6-Hour-Man! I'll see you at the finish line soon enough. Get some rest ;)
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Wow, seriously handing over the winnings here. *admires* But see, maybe having distractions slowed you some... :lol:


Heh, it wasn't 6. It was 3. Worse, eh?

I haven't read any of it yet, so I can't say what the quality is like.


I've read it. It's all about heroin addiction and withdrawal. At times its very difficult to read because it is very much stream of consciousness. That's not to say it is badly written, just as that it is perhaps badly styled.



thank you. It was a pleasure writing with you.

Same time next year?