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I know you probably have 100000 posts just like this, but hello! (1 Viewer)


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Hello! I am not David Neophyte - that isn't my real name. And no, I will never get a pfp. Thank you for reading.

If you think reading this was a waste of time, hopefully this GIF will calm you down.



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I'm going to take a wild gander and say, there are not a 100000 posts just like yours.

Hello not David. Was a brief, easy read, really no trouble at all. Welcome to the forums.
See you around. :)
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Count the amount of times I've posted 'Hello insert name and welcome to the forum'. It makes no difference what you write. The fact you've taken the time to respond is what matters. HELLO!


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Not a waste of time at all. Always happy to welcome a new writer to WF. What do you like to write?