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I knew the internet was good for something! (1 Viewer)



I'm really not sure why I didn't look for a site like this long ago, but it has definitely reinvigorated my love of writing. I'm a creative soul that walked down the path of an accounting career and I'm constantly finding my creative self oozing out in some form or another. Accounting doesn't allow for much creative genius. So whether it's through my cooking, my guitar, emails to friends, or simply conversational wit, I'm always told I'm in the wrong profession. However, I can't argue with the payscale and for that reason I find it very difficult to get out of it. And that's not to say I particularly dislike it.

Anyway, I hope to channel my creativity more through my writing and maybe even be published someday. In the meantime, I'll crunch numbers all day long and keep my family happy.

I'll post a short story for a sample at some point. I'd love to hear more from those that are actually making a living writing!! What life is like as a full time writer, some of the pitfalls, how to make it in the biz, etc.


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Welcome Number Cruncher--love the name--you sound like you've got your head together. Can't wait to read your work.