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I just want to say Hi! (1 Viewer)



I'm Egab.

Go to get used to that name now, my usual nick is already in use on these forums.

I had lurked around these parts in the last few days, reading bits of stories and feedback posted. And I like what I saw.

I posted a few of my writings on an other forums in the past, so I guess I have experience in handling critique. I'm eager to get constructive criticism on my work, and im willing to share my thoughts on other peoples work also.

So, thats all for now.

(Side note: Im battling with the English language for at least fifteen years now, hope I'll win someday.....please forgive minor grammar errors, and mis-spellings.)


Senior Member
Why am i always second to welcome people? this is the third time in a row!.

oh yeah, welcome. the english language can be a bitch, with all our weird rules and stuff.


Thanks for the warm welcome, hope I can constructively add value to the forum in the future. : )


Hey, welcome!

We here love to give constructive criticism (lol, could not spell that word! English is my native language, and I still suck at it.)

Anyways, nice having you. Enjoy!



I'v been getting lovely constructive feedback, and giving a few (hopefully constructive) comments too. So far I really like it here!