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I have arrived (1 Viewer)

I guess maybe you have all been subconsciously waiting for me.
The moment when some weird new writer arrived who didn't quite fit even here.
I don't think you will ever fully understand me, even if you research me which it is entirely possible to do so...I have traces of myself scattered over the net.
But I like writing horror, and action...perhaps even horror and action at the same time.
I live in a shitty nowhere town in Australia that is full of the ignorant, the judgmental, and the ignorantly judgmental. I have had severe problems with the place, as my creativity clashes heavily with the niavité of the homophobic,alcoholic township.
Majority of the town have no future, they will stay there or the rest of their lives on drugs and on the dole, but I do have a future, and it is HUGE.
When I get out of this place I will be a name that all people will know, that is my dream and I will follow my dream if it kills me. Because it is in fact the reason I live.
I wanted to kill myself about two years ago, i was diagnosed with pretty bad depression so I write to escape the bland imprisionment that is my reality.
I have recently finished my first novel "CANNON FODDER: EXORDIUM" and have just sent it off to Pan Macmillian in Sydney to see if they want to publish for me. I can only hope.
I write many short stories which you can read free of charge at my website, but it won't let me post that yet.It should however appear on my profile or something.
I enjoy horror and thriller movies, my hero is Marilyn Manson even though his brain and voice has rotted away over time due to heavy drug use. The Antichrist Superstar.
I don't expect to find anyone here that will like my writing or want to read my writing, I have given up hope in that sort of thing. But the reason I am doing this is so that I can say to myself that at least I tried.
I do school from home because depression made normal schooling impossible, everyone was watching me and making me feel worthless. I am now happier but dealing with other issues (such as, I guess a form of madness from being alone for so long?) that replace my schoolyard fears.
I want to meet people I guess deep down...
One day maybe I will be a famous writer, I know I am a good writer...but noteriety is something that I want. Not for the sake of it but for the sake of proving to all the schoolyard pieces of shit who bullied me when I was younger and all the people who didn't want to hang out with me anymore because I was too weird that I am a genius they will have wished they had kept in touch with...then feel guilty at their own plight.

Maul Twilight


Senior Member
Get over your damn ego, weird here isn't.
I've been homeschooled, dipped into drugs, violence, and being an all around goddamn weirdo.