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i have an idea for a show. does anyone want to read the outline? (1 Viewer)


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Quick Outline
Bryce Taylor, a med student, was born with the inability to feel any form of physical pain. she does whatever she can to feel normal. she is now struggling with trying to balance school and a job as a waitress. her somewhat mundane life is shattered, however, when she becomes a victim as well as a suspect for the NYC Train Incident. It is here that her secret past with the CIA and a secret organization called the Hemlock is discovered.

The Twist
Bryce Taylor also lives in a reality [or realm, or alternate universe etc.] where she is "kept" in a mental institution with the question of; "which world is real?" hung over her head. without knowing which reality she will wake up in, this makes her life all the more unpredictable.

The beginning of the episode is a flash forward of Bryce running through an alley and is shot. Because she can't feel pain, she doesn't realize she has been shot until she collapses on the floor. Then the episode takes place about six weeks before this happens.

"I’m not crazy. this is what I must tell myself every time I wake up. I say this because once I believe that I am...that's when I have truly gone insane..."
-Bryce Taylor

so does anyone see any potential here? any suggestions?:) [-o<
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sorry to disappoint you, but it's virtually impossible for anyone not already working in the tv industry [or w/ major writing credits and an uber-agent] to propose a new show... besides which, have you not seen 'painkiller jane' which i think is a sci-fi channel series?... she's also a pain-free gal who has nebulous connections to some sort of super-spook outfit, if i recall correctly...

also, people don't usually just 'live' in mental institutions... they're 'kept' there, so how she could be in school and work as a waitress is beyond me... unless that's all just delusions/hallucinations...

love and hugs, maia

Linton Robinson

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Not true at all. And anybody with any actual exposure in this industry is aware of several routes for proposing pilots.
I'd suggest you go to tvwriter.com They have message boards where some actual professional writers read and post, as well as newbies. Some of the posters there are giants in the TV industry so you don't get a lot of bum advice like this.
While there, look at the People's Pilot Contest. This is a contest for TV pilots. You write up your concept for a show and enter it and they judge it. That simple. You might not win (you might decide not even to enter) and if you win you might not be deluged with offers...but it gives a chance to see what some proposals look like.

people don't usually just 'live' in mental institutions... they're 'kept' there,
LOL Must get pretty gamey, "keeping" all those people who don't "live".

She didn't get the "lives in a reality" bit. Don't let "hugs and kisses" throw you, kid. She just likes to push people around if she can't kiss up. Forget it.

What you SHOULD think about is, what is so great about this idea? Can't feel pain? This is some major thing that will make people tune in? People who have seen X-Men? Or Dark Angel?

I'm not being unfair to something you've only shown two paragraphs of: this might be a great idea that we haven't completely seen. That;s what I see from what you have.

Beyond that, it depends entirely on the writing.

Have you written a pilot? Do you know how to write a one or two hour teleplay? Look around the web, starting with Larry's site.

Good luck


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I think this could be interesting. I don't know much about the 'industry', but the idea certainly grabbed me. If anything, you should explore it for yourself. Good luck!


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The idea of no pain is much like the Cheerleader in the Hit US Show Heroes, which I enjoy. I thought it was just a copy, but then you came up with another Reality and the CIA...

I just dont see it working though, Im no Pro in the Script of TV Show Business so dont take much from me.

Lins Idea sounded right, maybe you'd get more help there than here.




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If you can write it uniquely, and doesn't say "I saw thiss before" you got my attention.