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I hate organizing book notes - aahh!!! (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
](*,)i organize and organize and organize all day and late into the night. i am soooo sick of sorting out my notes and i don't want to do it anymore. but i must. i must. i have to go on and get this done.

I have 3 eight foot long layout tables full of notes, files, folders, etc, etc. the book spans a period of 7 years and involves numerous incidents. Much carefully thought out and detailed writing. A complicated book, but an excellent one. a lot of work is involved in order to make it flow easily.

I am beginning to procrastinate. i tell myself i will do it in a little while and then a little more while. can anyone relate to this madness.

Note: I hate writing and I love writing. Relate?


Senior Member
haha, i can relate. its frustrating no? very frustrating. You say you have folders, why dont u write your notes in note books. Thats what I do, easier to manage than pieces of paper.