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I give up. (1 Viewer)



That's it. I've had enough with the stupid website.

I've done well so far, well over 4,000 words, and loads more done today. But I can't upload my word count anymore on the NaNoWriMo site. If I login, it just logs me back out again straight away. If I tick the 'remember me' box, It logs me in, but if I try to go into my profile or access the forums, I go to a blank page called 'session_confirm.php'. I can't do anything.

Sorry, but if they can;t even be bothered to run a working site then I'm not going to bother with this anymore. It's destroyed any hopes I had of finishing. What it I get to 50k and then can't register as a winner because the site is still shagged?

I know I'm supposed to be doing it for myself, but seeing my blue bar with the word count getting steadily bigger was a real encouragement. And now I can't use it. I can't even post on their forums about the problem.

*End rant*


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I think, because of the large numbers of people all trying to log in etc. at once, they often get so bogged down that a server fails. I know it happened at one point last week and seems to be happening again this morning.

I certainly don't see it as them not bothering to make their site work. It ought to back up within a few hours, I should think, so don't throw in the towel yet.


I've calmed down now. It really did me in - I'm on a nice plot roll, the creativity is flowing, I'm ahead of my target, and then the site stops working properly.

I know it's not their fault - I work in IT so I've been there myself. I'm still having doubts over whether to continue though. I think sleeping on it's probably a good idea.


They've also added, yet another, dedicated server to try to handle the load, so it's not like they 'can't be bothered'. There are now what..four?. Think about it, if you're that excited to update your word count, how likely is it that 1000's of others are as well?

Glad you're starting to relax, it can indeed be frustrating. A suggestion would be to look for one of the many places that offer a similar bar so you can still see your count going up, or, you could always use that down time to up the count even further ;)

EDIT: Another suggestion, if you haven't already done do, make sure you get the NaNoWriMo reportcard. There are all sorts of graphs and whatnots to show your daily progress, your progess overall, percentages, and what you have left to do, etc.

I just can't make the connection between the site going down for a couple of hours and tossing away all that work, though. Don't do it. You'll hate yourself in the morning!
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