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I feel like I'm in an AA meeting.... (1 Viewer)


Just Mandy

Hi, my name's Mandy, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Hampshire in England. I've been writing for 14 years now.

>smattering of clapping<

On a serious note though I've never had anything published (the idea just makes me want to squirm) because I've just got so used to my writing being for me that I've lost any confidence that I may have had. Am I terrible? Am I mediocre? Am I the next Neil Gaiman? Who knows. Hopefully you guys can help me find out, and I'm looking forward to having a pootle around here and seeing what you think.

PS - what on earth is on this guy's head? --> :geek:


Senior Member
Hello there and welcome to the forum, Mandy :)

I'd say that is one really weird hairdo for a smiley.

~ Shinn