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I Don't Write Because I Want to, I Write Because I Have To (1 Viewer)


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Hello you! My Title speaks accurately of my need in late 2018 to begin my first novel--it wasn't out of choice. A single image purchased all remaining stock of empty spaces in my mind. This single thought sparked what would become one of my greatest accomplishments in life, and I still have yet to publish.

I truly wish I knew of this website earlier in my writing. Saying that, at the time, I was more concerned about writing than I was about the writing world as a whole.

A retired military veteran from the U.S., I live in the U.K enjoying time with my family and friends. My current career is in Communications/Engineering field however my love is writing.

Writing keeps the demons at bay, so to speak. I don't believe I am alone in saying that knocking out a thousand words or more before breakfast sets the day right.

I look foward to meeting you all in time and reading your work.

Thank you for reading my introduction.


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Great title! I'm currently finishing off my first novel, which is much the way you describe it. Writing is like air to me.

WF has been a great support. Look forward to seeing you on the forum.


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Do you know how long Camptown racetrack is, by chance? :grin:

Sorry. If it's any consolation, now the song is stuck on repeat in my head ](*,)

I hope to see you on the boards!


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Welcome! My first two novels were that way... exorcising demons of a troubled past. It was definitely therapeutic. Now I write SciFi. The best stories demand to be told.