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I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 Viewer)


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GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its 2:30 am (roughly) here and i dont think im gonna be able to ssleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did it YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 WOOOOOOOOOO


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hehehehe sleep. i just drank a mocha and im wired (and by just drank i mean about an hour ago) well i suppose i should try seeing as i cant see the keybord buttons very well and i have school so g'night y'all!


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thank you, all of you especially those who answered my NaNoWriMo queries, valacia (did i spell it right?) and i cant remember anyone else....but if someone else helpsed thank you!


Congratulations! I too completed NaNoWrimo -- this was my first year entering, the first year I'd even heard of it, and I'm pretty stoked to have made it to 50k along with my fellow Santa Cruz, CA, NaNoers.


WF Veterans
Congrats to everyone who did it...now i'm going to stalk away because i dont know what the f**k you people are talking about....wish i'd have known about nanowrimo...


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Say what, do what?
Meh, I'm just poppin' in here.
Congrats on whatever you did.
I seem to be the only one who doesn't know.
I'm so out of the loop.


Congrats! I've talked to a few people who did it this year. I'd love to try it next year, I think it would be a great exercise.