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The Great Wizzard

Hello there, I'm a nineteen year old newcomer from the United Kingdom. I write fantasy and modern horror primarily, juggling wizards with their big magical sticks and vampires with their big sharp teeth. I add a bunch of superfluous 'u's into haulf ouf theu wourds Iu wriute and I'm a little bit temperamental due to being a little bit Scottish and it's sort of the rules up there. 'Drink whisky, wear a kilt, and be temperamental!' as my mother used to say, and still does. I learned at a young age not to argue.

I take a bit of inspiration from here and there amongst the fantasy authors who have come before me and left their mark on the ideas. But I do generally try to be as original as I possibly can despite having a love for the fiction of Terry Pratchett, Jack Vance, JRR Tolkien, David Gemmell, JK Rowling, Raymond E. Feist, Iain M. Banks, Douglas Adams, Michael Moorcock, Neil Gaiman, and several others whose names I forget at the current moment because I'm a bit busy trying to get the rest of my introduction out of the way.

Other warnings to be given; my points of view are what may be called left-wing and I may use foul language, so it's not my bloody fault if you pillocks can't deal with it. :p


Senior Member
Hi there and welcome to our community, Great Wizzard. I hope you will enjoy being here with us. Also, critique and the favour will be returned.

~ Shinn