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I am still alive ... (1 Viewer)


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I think.

I haven't posted for two weeks, at least. I have been at war. It was a war of words, quite literally, between my brain and my fingers. My brain won because my fingers were ready to give up the ghost yet I am now a little over half way.

Anyway, I am alive and damn it all to Hell and back I intend to go on living regardless of those sadistic beggars at NaNo who tempted me into this hateful month of masochism.

I am taking the weekend off. I know that's probably not a good idea but I am taking the weekend off. My wordcount is a little over 31,000 (62% of the way there) and there are still 12 days to go. I can do it so I am taking the weekend off.

Hope you are all on track?

Congrats to those who finished already. Particular congrats to Rico for crossing the finishing line first LOL And Val for being a close second :)

P.S. Did I tell you that I am taking the weekend off?


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I was wondering what happened. Figured you just keeled over from the stress. :) You are farther along than I am.

Ilan Bouchard

Hodge said:
I'm totally ahead of schedule. I wasn't even going to start until the 23rd.
I'm so ahead of schedule that I've announced myself done. While I haven't done any writing for Nano yet, this small detail shan't keep me from basking in the glory of the gods. :wink:


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Drop outs had better be people, too -- just in case I become one of them :)

Still, although I said I was taking the weekend off I lied. Well, OK, I didn't actually lie as I truly intended to take the weekend off but -- shoot, I am such a damned masochist. I couldn't bring myself to take a break so I am now up to around 35K.

I need a break -- so I figure that the sooner I get this freaking thing finished, the sooner I can take that break. Does that make sense or am I really a lost cause?

However, Thursday being Turkey Day I have to take a day off as we will be visiting folks. Hell, it's the best way to get a free meal LOL

So, I have eight of the next nine days to write 15,000 or so words which equivalates to around 2,000 a day. Now I am depressed. Can I really finish? Who knows? I don't, that's for sure.

So, to all those of us that are still hanging in there I can say only one thing -- Power to the Pencil ... uhhhh, I mean People!!


I'm way behind as well and I find a distinct a lack of caring in myself...