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I am late from China (1 Viewer)



I forgot to introduce myself.​

I am a student from Huazhong Sci&Tech University.
My major is Optoelectronic Science and Engineering.​
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Jay Kay

welcome to the forum wu ... i can't wait to meet you and i'm sure that goes for the rest of the crew ... how do you do?


You are late? Perhaps a pregnancy test is in order?

I've been biting my tongue on that one, probably because I'm generally late for everything. I never understood why they call the "dear departed" late because surely that's one appointment that can't be delayed.
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Huan Ying, Huan Ying!!

I'm sorta new too, I guess. Sorry if my 'han yu pin ying' is not correct. Its been quite awhile since I've used them. However, welcome to the forum.


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Ni hao wu!

Ni hao ma?

Ill stop the pinyin and just welcome you to the forums. Ive just returned from beijing and you werent wrong about it changing every day.

But anyway.

Zai jian.