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I am Lacie. Rawr. (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, I'm Lacie! I'm an 18 y/o female looking for love in all the wrong places. Na na, I'm kidding..I've found love already:p.

Anyway, ever since I was in fourth grade and I got praised on my writing ability, I've had this thing in the back of my mind. The thing is to fufill my dream of becoming a writer! Not only a writer, but a writer who can live off writing...

The problem is, I never really thought I was any good at it. I'd sit down, and I was never able to concentrate on writing...or anything really! I've taken care of some of my focus issues and now I can sort of write a little bit! It's caused me so much frustration, this whole writing thing, but I am determined this time!

Besides writing, I like to play dance dance revolution, chat on AIM, mess around on facebook, hang out with friends, and I have a somewhat dormant interest in history. I read a lot, not a lot of typical things for a writer...self-help books, lots of articles, educational stuff. Pretty much nothing that gives me any leverage for writing.

On the positive side, I'm pretty good at communicating through writing/typing, so that should help. My grammar isn't completely horrible nor is my spelling. Right now(haha I almost wrote write now), I am working on a story about a group of teenagers from Peoria, Arizona. The heroine, Alice, lives with 2 other teenagers, Jack and James. James is gay, Jack is straight but everyone thinks he's gay, Alice is gay but thinks she's straight, Andy likes Alice, Andy's brother Adam likes Alice, Alice eventually developes a thing for a girl who goes to high school, thus prompting her to return to graduate; dragging James along with her. Eventually, I plan to stick Alice with Andy.

I'm aiming for a humorous sort of outlook on things society considers controversial, because I do not consider being gay/doing drugs/dropping out of school behavior that should never be addressed except to condem. I think most teenagers deal with the majority of these things, so I figured I could write a book about it. I think what might set mine apart is that it will not be a depressing novel at all, in fact, I think it should probably be pretty darn inspiring if I ever get done with it! I'm not sure if it would get published easily, however.

That book sounds like it would be interesting... i don't watch/read many gay things except for that tv show, Will and Grace... Its pretty funny...COOL!!! another will and grace thing!!!!! I'd check it out if you ever published it or posted some of it on the forum...

(oh, i totally get you about the concentration thing, i'm 16 and can hardly concentrate on which guy i like, much less a story.... but i get through it... somehow...)