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I am an agnostic (1 Viewer)


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I originally wrote this as a conformation of my beliefs. But then I reread it and liked it, so I made it a little more presentable and posted it on here. Please critique.

I am an agnostic. After a year long odyssey and obsession with discovering my spirituality I have decided that there is no real way to know, understand or prove the existence of god. But, I have also found that you can not prove that there is not one, or many. Thus, I have chosen to be agnostic. Here are my reasons for doing so:

The Bible, the Qu ‘Ran and the Torah have lost all meaning and power to me. I am not alone. All of these testaments claim to be the only just and righteous path to enlightenment. All of which date back thousands of years. Much like the existences of a god, the legitimacy of these scriptures are impossible prove.

The question now becomes, if all of these books claim to be the one truth, than which do I actually follow? My conclusions are as follows:

The declaration that all else is a lie creates a chain where in all religions are proved as lies. Example: Jews see Christians’ teachings as lies, Muslims see the Jews’ teachings as lies, and in turn the Christian see the Muslims’ teachings. Thus all of these claims are lies. The problem in this conclusion is that if all of these teachings are lies, than their claims against other religions are empty. This could be seen as atheist, but only if you deny the existence of a holy being at all.

The other conclusion is by taking all of these religions and paying on attention to their claims of being “the one truth” and accepting that there is no “one truth”. By doing so you allow yourself to understand and follow the principals of all religions and serve god in the way you feel is most accurate to his will.

Over all, I personally do not agree with surrendering yourself to organized religion. A trait agnostics share with atheists is that we do not agree with the “one truth” mentality of organized religion, as it provokes war and corruption.

I believe in peace, understanding and brotherly love. If there is judgment after death, I don’t think God could hold that against me. I have admitted I am lost, and I can not follow an ancient religion that’s legitimacy is impossible to review. Everything I have done is from the fear of serving him wrong.

I have adopted Buddhism, in pursuit of Dharma. This is not a religion. I have done this to better myself as a person in our mortal world, and if it exist, our immortal one as well.

It is ridiculous to claim that there is or is not a god, so I have given up on the contemplation. I live in peace and try to inflict as little pain on other, and the environment as possible. It doesn't matter if you're atheist, agnostic or ultra religious, that’s the best thing we can do.
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It is ridiculous to claim that there is or is not a god, so I have given up on the contemplation.
Considering the above statement is true, you've used the wrong word throughout this essay. Being an agnostic means you're not sure whether there is or is not a god. Being an atheist means you're sure there isn't. Being a catholic, christian, jew, buddhist, or whatever other religion, means you're sure there is. Of course, in some other religions, there is more than one god.

I live in peace and try to inflict as little pain on other, and the environment as possible.
I would reword this sentence. "I live in peace and try to inflict as little pain on other people, or the environment, as possible." - Something like that.

I have adopted Buddhism
What would it mean if I, or someone I know, adopted Catholicism?


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Agnostics can wonder whether or not there is a God, but you would also be called agnostic if you accept that there is a higher power (some kind of god), you just don't know what it is.

I thought this was pretty good. I feel the same way, although I still follow United practices to some extent (mainly because that is the religion of my family, and I don't see it important enough to go against them).

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Written well, but lacks conviction. I won't comment on content because this forum clearly frowns on debate unless within the specific debate forum.

Thank you for your words!