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I Am A Kitten (1 Viewer)


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Here's the link to the Natasha Bedingfield song "Unwritten":

I Am A Kitten
By Underd0g

I am a kitten
I'll be a cat
Imagine that
I'm so annoying
Your life is so bland
I'll lend a hand

Daring you to leave out some fish stew
Watching as you play Nintendo
Though the toys you buy so cheery bright, I am color blind

Breaching the boxes with persistence
And a moth so close I chased it
Affection with conditions
Squeal with pain once again
Rocking chairs are looking for you
Look a shoe I can fit in
Leather belts, leather belts
They smell just like chicken strips
Not concerned if I'm housebroken
Notice please which way you're strokin'
That's my fur... not your own skin

Take note I'm just a kitten

Oh oh oh,

I've no contrition
I live nine lives, with no guidelines
It is my mission, to give you headaches
You don't want me to spray

Herring is the meal I'll come home to
Hate canned food but you know that though
When you put it on the plate, it wastes your time/I don't mind

Teaching me about coexistence
Save your breath you don't want to waste it
Black cats bring superstitions
Please explain now and then
As you leave, I have to make do
Makes me take it on the chin
Catnip helps, catnip helps
When you go, APOCOLYPSE!
Couldn't be much more outspoken
In a sink that you put soap in
Bath time is... where enjoyment ends...

Remember I'm a kitten.

Glaring at the fish tank before me
Wondering why it's not my sushi
I could hunt outdoors if I weren't so inside and confined

Screeching, for reasons with insistence
Lost my toy 'cause I misplaced it

Won't go to the physician!

Seal the snacks once again
No one else can seal it for you
They get stale if air gets in

Broke the shelf! Broke the shelf!

I sneak out the fish and chips

I'm not all that touchy feely
What I am is scratchy bleedy

Today is when you forgive sins
Peel the couch of its skin
No one else sharpens claws for you
Ornaments that you brought in
Christmas bells Christmas bells
When I jump sometimes I slip

I'm outside, the door was open
Brings to you so much emotion

Boldly scratch on someone's shin

You know I'm just a kitten

Just a little kitten

I don't know if you're still on this forum, but I just wanted you to know that I made this account just to tell you that I thought your lyrics were hilarious (I'm familiar with the original, and you got the flow pretty close). Loved it