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I always am. (1 Viewer)


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here's another micro-story that was fun to do. the image (which is too large and i am too lazy) was of a rather cute cat king but i have my opinions on kings...

also [Language Warning]

I cast my eyes over the lot of them. Ragged. Lazy. Ambitious. I label each face, sort them once more and then revert to my original placements. Unworthy, the lot of them.

"Father, really we need your focus here," Archival said. Archival the Worthless, first to rebel and talk back. The meddlesome middle child who had somehow slipped through adolescence without making a word, but now couldn't help but tear the kingdom apart with his blasphemy.

"Father, please, are you with us?"

"I'm with you, yes of course. How long have you been looking at me like that? Knock it off, it's disturbing."

"I was just concerned, that's all, Father."


Over by the hearth Gerald lets out a barely suppressed snicker. His eyes, so thin and devious looking. Oh how I've always hated those eyes. Whose are they?

"Well, if you're with us then, what have you decided?"

"Ribel, hold your tongue!" Archival sends a sharp look at the burly black feline. He thinks I can't handle this myself, the upstart.

"No Ribel, peace. You are right to ask. I have kept you all waiting long enough." His ambitions know no bounds.

"You all display immense talent," I begin, shifting my eyes over each one. Miserable, each of them. "And due to this fact I have thought night and day about who will receive the newest tithe. Which of you will be my newest Duke."

A nervous energy races through the room again as each son leans in a little closer, each trying to hide his interest. But I see through it all. I always do, I'm the King. Not one has bested me before and I won't let anyone now.

"Archival, you are the finest scholar and truly bring a mediatory approach much unseen before in our kingdom. It has helped broker treaties and maintain peace with our neighbors for many years now." Conniving. Underhanded. Dishonest. Your shadows outweigh your worth.

"Ribel, your heroism on the field of battle knows no bounds. You have brought us countless victories in war, and have faithfully kept out bandits in times of peace." Brute. Ignoramus. You can't use your skull to plow through everything.

"And of course Gerald. The youngest and yet perhaps the most decorated. You've done much to increase the wealth of our kingdom. The coffers are full up and in need of expansion soon, in no small part thanks to you." Greedy. Ambitious. Unfit to lead troops, let alone a dutchy.

I let my voice fall for a moment. The room fills with silence, like water trickling in. Once we're half submerged, Ribel will lose his patience and push me again. Just wait.

"Yes father, and?" Ribel asks a moment later.

"Yes, of course. I have decided that I shall maintain the Dukedom myself. It seems only right, after all. You each are already so well accomplished, I couldn't force another responsibility onto you. No, I believe it is best for the kingdom if I maintain this land myself."

Silence again. And then the splashing begins.

"What?!" Ribel is the first to move, launching from his chair where a moment ago he had lounged. "What the fuck does that mean?"


"Fuck off Archival, I don't want to hear your pandering. Did you not hear him?"

"Yes, but I'm sure there is wisdom --"

"Don't spew your cowardice here. Grow a spine for once!"

A smile keeps trying to press itself onto my mouth as I watch them devolve into their true selves. I was right. I always am. In the back, Gerald has snuck out the door while his brothers argue, no doubt off to scheme up some false claims. Let him go, my spies will find him later.

Traitors. All of them. I was right. I always am.


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Got to love a wise old king. I'm left curious as to what happens when the spies find Gerald though. Simply spying, or will the king finally have enough?
An enjoyable read. Clear and Succinct.
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