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I’m back lmao (1 Viewer)


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Hey there! I’m a nobody who hasn’t posted since 2014 and didn’t even know if I’d remembered my password.

I’ve been writing casually for years now but am hoping to put some earnest effort into things now and figured it wouldn’t hurt to pop in and see what’s going on around the writing forums.

I’m 27, from Canada, and I have been writing Backrooms fiction, fantasy worldbuilding and have spent the last year teaching and building a collab wiki fiction project called the Liminal Archives.

Aiming to self publish, give and receive crit and just generally grow as a writer and meet some new online pals.



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Welcome back to WF
i'm impressed how did you remember a password from 2014?
My passwords tend to be the same or close to it, yet I will still forget 'em!


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Welcome back from a fellow Canadian! After completing my first novel last month I am exploring the realm of self-publishing myself. There's lots to learn. I'm sharing my experience in the Publishing Forum. Would love to hear of some of your experiences as well.