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Hyundai: The new benchmark? (1 Viewer)



Hyundai: The new benchmark?
The Japanese golden days are not over but they may have to share the pie with the Koreans. Competition is fierce and legendary auto makers American and the European no longer satisfies the people. Think of Hyundai as being, what Ford was to the people of America and the world in the early 1900’s and the Volkswagen to the Germans and the world.
The Korean automaker cracked the code for the 22nd century with rising fuel prices, competition and the need for survival in a growing market with everything from a used car market to the exotic car makers and finally parts that are used to make you go faster with an additional bling. Every generation comes ready to cope with its current circumstances. But why Hyundai?
It was a joke before the year 2000, the company that had cheap products why is it different a decade later. The answer is in there two latest models the Azera and the Genesis which will be released soon they both have V6 engines 3.3l, 3.6l and 4.0l the last two are for the Genesis the key difference between them is one is FWD, which is the Azera and Genesis is RWD. These are the keystones of the Korean automaker because the quality has clearly changed so has the level of interior ambience has improved along with the options. In a nutshell they are targeting BMW and Mercedes the benchmarks of modern luxury. RWD may be an abbreviation for rear wheel drive but for a company that only produces FWD (front wheel drive), it is a big step ahead this is a key indicator due to the fact that if you take a look at the American automaker in particular GM they declined after going after Daewoo and other peoples cars and simply cut costs with disregard to quality. This is an indicator that Hyundai is thinking of the consumer tomorrow you will be able to buy Mercedes and a BMW at knockoff price. These cars have reflected in there recent models, were interiors and build quality is clear and obvious in the smaller people cars such as the Accent and the Elantra. They take there characters from the Azera which has a standard V6 3.3l FWD anywhere from leather seats to CD changers to a rear curtain.
The cars speak for themselves and Kia is following that path we opened an eye at Hyundai because it always was the underdog of the market. The market is changing rapidly and black gold wont do it for long, not if the automakers want to increase there sales ever year they would want to do with what they have until something solid comes out which is commercial that will cut off the dependence on the black gold that runs the world. So automakers beware it is the rise of the phoenix.