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Hulloo, hulloo! (1 Viewer)



And one more hulloo for good measure.

I'm a 17 year old of the male species (though my compatriots question this), resident loonie in my school in Tokyo, and I really do love to write! I've been doing so for a spliffing long time (admittedly, my earlier stuff was eyesoresome), and I have decided to come here so that I can not only post some of my fiction, but so that I can also read other works and improve my skills at writing. I'm also hoping for some biscotti, as I am ever so fond of biscotti. It is my hobby (writing that is, as opposed to biscotti ingestion), along with two dimensional art. I like drawing!

I like all sorts of writing. I read history, mystery, fantasy, poetry, science journals, graphic novels, comedies, plays, what have you. I have every intention of becoming a writer, along with an artist, comic book creator, perhaps movie director, and Warlord of the Eggplantoids.

Anyhoo, see you all about. Cheerio!