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https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/ (1 Viewer)

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I stumbled on this. It was not written or edited by someone with English as a first language, as evidenced by occasional trouble with grammar.

The quest for higher-level learning and acquiring knowledge, made the youth to look for studies abroad.

Then I realized, it was sometimes very charming. Or apt. Or just good writing.

India’s demographic dividend has a doomy message from employability

The police must apprehend and jail those lumpens who in the name of love jihad intervene in the private matter of marriage between consenting adults.

They use 'love jihad' in a powerful way, I think.

And then a sentence just left me amazed:

Clear enough, the facts are many but the truth is one. America is in the midst . . .

They delivered on that.

The cumulative effect was reading a different style of writing.

I have no idea how to discuss this, though WF usually surprises me. I try to learn different styles to see if they influence me, so I liked thinking about their style. But this would be good just for a different voice, if you could pull it off. You should probably look at an opinion article, and I will warn you it seems to be "liberal". Sorry about that.

Olly Buckle

Your title/link only takes me to the publication, not the article, which was a disappointment, however can you imagine the Financial Times of England having a title like this for an article?

Has Shakespeare's Hamlet finally come to haunt Gupkar alliance after Mehbooba Mufti's press conference?

Great stuff!


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As the articles seen by me were styled similarly, I worried direction to one article would be like giving wrong scent to the hound.

But the article with two of those quotes is here.
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