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I am a wannabe. I am currently writing a non fiction book that except for the editing it is nearly complete. I contacted Publish America and they are interested in reading my manuscript. I know nothing about Publish America other than what is on their web site. If anyone has information about how to get a non fiction book published without getting screwed please let me know.

About me:

I am a disabled person. I have a brain injury and spinal stenosis. The reason I decided to write is because I had a neuro-psychological evaluation and the shrink that did said I had strong language skills. She recommended that I pursue a career in the "language arts", what ever that is. I figured she meant writing. That would be great but I have a very difficult time with dyslexia and as far as getting help that is easier said than done. "Why don't you put it on tape and have somebody write it?" I can barely afford to keep a car on the road so I am writing it on an ABI word processor as I fantasize about Bill Gates burning in hell along with the nerds that work for him. I lost most of my book when MS word screwed up an d somehow corrupted the floppy and also made the save on the hard drive turn into symbols.

My book is not about water boarding Bill Gates. It is about obesity and the weight loss industry. I have posted bit and pieces of it on some diet forums and it really angered fat people. It will also anger doctors, exercise gurus, and the shameless diet promoters. I even call Dr Phil a "beady eyed rat bastard". I only wish that when the reader reads that phrase they hear the voice of Joe Pesci saying it. I really like the language of Joe Pesci characters.

Like I said, I'm a wannabe. Writing is not fun for me. It tedious and mind numbing due to the cognitive difficulties associated with having a brain injury and fighting the brain fog caused by brain medication. I'm an ornery person most of the time but getting my work published would make me a bit less ornery. This book is a middle finger in the face of gluttons, hypocrites and charlatans.

Mr Sci Fi

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Well, your dyslexia doesn't seem to be affecting your writing so much, so that's a plus. Better grammar and spelling than most I've seen here.

One thing that you might want to be careful of though is libel. Directly bashing Dr. Phil is liable to get you sued, as well as anyone else you mention by name.

Other than that, good luck.

Assuming this isn't a joke thread, if you find writing tedious than perhaps it's not for you. There's a lot you can do with "Language Arts," (You're right, whatever that is.) Perhaps something along the lines of Motivational Speaking? TV host? Who knows. But the one thing you're going to want writing to be is fun... Otherwise it becomes too much of a grind.


Hello and welcome to the neighborhood, 411XYZ. Great to have you here. Enjoy!

If you'd like to view threads already made about Publish America, just go to Search and punch it up. There are plenty.


Thanks for the welcome.

I get satisfaction from writing but I make constant typos and I lose my train of thought because I make so many corrections.

As to Dr Phil, it's not libel if it is true and he is indeed a rat bastard. He's really a shady character and everything I say about him in my book is a matter of public record. All I am doing is is commenting on it in the hope that he reads it. There are many scumbags in the weight loss industry but Dr Phil is one of the biggest. He was fined big bucks by the FTC for making false claims about his Shape Up diet products that now have been taken off the market.

I enjoy writing songs and poetry but this project is very difficult for me but I am on a mission to cut through all the misinformation regarding obesity, its causes and it cure.

Writing a song is a picnic for me because I don't have to read re-read as much. I know when a song is finished but currently I have enough information for several books.

I probably as a writer but I have read several diet books and they are so poorly written that mine looks good. For instance, South Beach Diet is 336 pages. 116 of them contain mostly drivel and silly anecdotes. The rest of the book is a cook book. That is the typical formula for most diet books.

As some of you may know 400,000 people die each year from obesity related illnesses. It is me belief that we are approaching this health crisis in a very naive and politically correct manner. That is mostly the subject matter of my book. I just need to find a reputable publisher.