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My name is Reid Jarman. I’m a paramedic and I am finishing my last year of college. I enjoy writing fiction and have a couple of published short stories. I have also written for my college paper. I enjoy interacting with other writers and hope I can learn a thing or two from hanging out here.

Dr. Malone

Hey Reid. I love your nick, Austin Powers reference?
That's great you're a paramedic. Has to be one of the most grueling jobs around, and I always appreciate you guys when I see an ambulance with the lights on. I imagine you get some great story ideas from your job.
Look forward to reading your stuff!


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Welcome to Writing Forums, Reid. You have one of the professions that are really worthwile and save lives. Don't you agree that they are underpaid???



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Hello there and welcome to Writing Forums, JudoChop. It's nice to have a paramedic on the forums. I hope to read some of your work soon :)

~ Shinn