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Hi, I’m Jen from the UK and I write for pleasure. I enjoy being part of the writing community and have been on Authonomy.com for a little while now. Just wanting to broaden my horizons I stumbled across this site and I thought I’d take a look.

[FONT=&quot]I have written two, of a three book series on (I’m sorry) Vampires (I know). I will be looking for beta readers shortly so I can confidently upload onto Kindle. Hoping to prove to myself that the market is still in want of another book in this genre. ;-) Well you never know!.


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Hi Jen, welcome. :) Congratulations on finishing two books, that's an accomplishment. And you are so right, you will never know unless you try, so go for it. :)


Jen, even finishing the books is an accomplishment. You know how many people intend to write a book someday...and it's never today? So kudos on leaping that hurdle with not one but two books so far, fantastic! As for vampires...yeah, not my thing but I have a feeling that if you're a good YA writer your audience is still thirsting for more. ;)

Welcome to the forums. I hope you'll let us know how the Kindle adventure goes.