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I am a multimedia developer and thought I would throw this question out to see other opinions. This is the format I have for my development:

Two columns

Scene 2 | The title | 2:30min
......The Actions...........The Narration
Scene 3 | The title | 1:30min

Divided sections by scene if anyone knows Macromedia Flash, a scene is a section of the movie. I guess like a take in a movie script.

The actions is what is taking place in the movie like: Fade out and bring spotlight on the prodect x. Start music and turn prod x 20 degrees, and highlight the left side.

The Narration will be: "As you look at the left side of the screen you will see... and it does..." to be generic.

I do this in MS Word using tables then draft it in a storyboard. This process takes time and I was wondering if I can cut that time or make it more efficient. I have an IT degree not a design degree so I am at a loss. What I do like is I can hand these to my narrator and he can record the audio by scenes and can relate to the storyboard.

Is there a good book out there that will give my other ideas and/or techniques.