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How to write a non-fictional story??? (1 Viewer)

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Hey all i am currently working on a book that is based on actual events in my life. This is my very first book and i need advice. What books should i read to help me??

m alexander

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Books about writing books

I'm the same as you although I'm uneducated and writing books about events in my life, so needed lots of help and insight.
I went into a library and asked if they have any books on how to write books, sounds daft but they had many. After reading one a couple of times thought I was ready, so started on one book, after reading it back to myself realised it was far from being anywhere near to professional standards. After re-writing 6 or 7 times it became as good as I can get it but still needs an editor to finalise to professional standards.
Sorry I cannot give you the name of the book I read but it was good and helped me a lot, if you can visit a library they will have many similar titles.
How I now do things is as follows but this is just my way from not being educated, pen and paper in every room of my home and always in my pocket, so when recalling something that needs to be written I can write it down before forgetting about it. At the beginning of starting a book I pen and paper write down a list of everything I'll cover, then arrange into the correct order for each topic, event and chapter to flow into the next naturally. Then I start writing the book in Microsoft word by referring to my pen and paper list, before moving into the next topic, event, paragraph or chapter I read what I've wrote and make corrections as needed. When typing into word doc i always have a dictionary/reference book handy and a thesaurus
Before you get to the last chapter you'll recall things you left out so will always be adding topics, paragraphs and sometimes even moving chapters and adding new ones. And never try and write too much in one day, that was a big mistake I made in the beginning, I was trying to get 10 to 15 thousand words done every day, which meant the quality of my writings wasn't good, sticking to 500 to 1500 words per day kept the quality as high as I can get it. And dont go out of you're way for writing, what I mean is dont re-arrange you're days around you're writing, live normally and fit you're writings in when is best for you, dont let it control you're life. And if you dont feel good dont write a thing, you've got to be in the right frame of mind to write to the best of you're abilities.
When the book is completed read it to yourself out aloud, writings sound different in thoughts than hearing with you're ears, only when it sounds good to you're ears is it getting anywhere near being ready, and never be apprehensive at re-writing it. My first book I re-wrote 7 or 8 times, my 2nd needed 3 or 4 re-writes and my third will be somewhere around 3 or 4 re-writes. and all three of my books will need editing by someone better at writing than myself, it will cost me appx. £500 to £1500 per book, far more cost effective for me than going to college for a better education.
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