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How to really put women off. (1 Viewer)

Olly Buckle

It is, of course, inspired by escorial's 'How to Attract Women' thread. Maybe the answer is simply not to repel them in the first place, there are bound to be some who would find you attractive if something didn't put them off. So what really puts women off.

Sticking your gum to the bottom of the table?

Pretending to take an interest, women are not stupid, they know when you are pretending?

What do you reckon?


Staff member
Staring at her boobs instead of looking at her face when you speak
Smoking (if they are non-smokers)


WF Veterans
I often see homeless couples and maybe they met as homeless people...it's not an exact science attraction an like most things life experience influences ones thoughts and conclusions...which are not set in concrete but steadfast


Senior Member
Willie Nelson. Men think that 'you were always on my mind' matters. Women, near as I can tell, not so much.

Cool Breeze

Senior Member
I've been married for over thirty years and I still don't know what I did right (or wrong) to convince my lovely wife to marry me.

My oldest son came to me when he was 15 and he said, "Pop, girls don't seem to like me". He nearly broke my heart. I told him, find something you love, that you're passionate about, and you'll attract to you people who have the same mindset and personality as you. But it has to be genuine. There's no point in joining a pottery class to impress a girl. You'll hate every minute of it and she'll immediately pick up that you don't want to be there. Instead, do what you love and people will come to you. The key is to not be desperate. Women tend to be able to smell desperation a mile off.

He took my advice, went to university and studied physiotherapy, and he's now a personal trainer and owns a gym in Staten Island. He met his beautiful wife there and they have three amazing kids.