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How to market a comedy novel that is rated R? (1 Viewer)

I don't know if i should stay on this forum, if i cant get answers for this. I have a novel coming together. How do you market on social media? There is certain content that appeals mostly on each social media platform? Is facebook good? Does mastering every social media platform seem smart? I want to advertise this book, even if it's stupid. I was thinking an entire animation series with different original content, but I think I should have a start off a novel. I got a few ghost writers I can afford here within 3 months. I got each scene described up top, all 11. And jokes to use for 10 pages of this weird e-fed style roleplay. LOL. it's actually happening. And the jokes are presented in sentence structure to deliver a joke and to use the environment in each scene. I expect the ghost writer to make each character more original well keeping the punch line of the flow. But yea, I am using angel dust as the "other side" drug. LOL. I think that's a funny drug to have used, if you use a drug. LOL


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There may or may not be members of the forum who have experience in a particular area for which information is sought, and even if so, when they may log in, or if they will then come across the thread. Patience is required. Members of this site are involved and eager to help, but they are not professional advisors in areas like this, and we are not owed their attention.


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All you can do is post questions and hope for people to answer. It's what we all do.

People do have lives to attend to though and what spare time they have, is probably going to be spent on people who ask, rather than demand.

There is an ongoing thread in the forums on the use of social media and promoting one's work under the marketing thread. I suggest you look through it, and have a look around the forum in its entirety.