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How To Be A Good Anti-American (1 Viewer)

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Just follow these simple steps:

1. First of all: America is ALWAYS wrong. (very important base for every argument)

2. If people say something good about America, immediately inform them that they’re a right-wing, redneck, Christian, capitalist pig who has a blind love for an evil empire.

3. If for some reason it becomes clear that the US government is right, get off that topic immediately by pointing out all its faults.

4. If you’re a non-American, then you’re all set. Just point out all the problems with US foreign policy and blame it on US citizens. And to make it look like you’re being fair, criticize your own nation but make sure you point out the fact that it’s nowhere near as bad as the US. That’s key.

5. If a Christian points out something good about America, just tell them how stupid they are for believing in God and how religion is to blame for the greatest atrocities all throughout history.

6. Blame all the problems of the world on America. More specifically blame them on Republicans. And even more specifically blame them on Bush.

7. Finally never EVER talk about ways to improve America. As long as America is being all evil, you’ll have something to complain about.
I guarantee if you follow these seven rules, you’ll be on your way to becoming a whiney, bitching anti-American. George Bush sucks!


Sadly, that is approach of many. And not just on America, but, Americans with regards to other nations too. Myself included at times.


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America isn't always wrong--nor is it always right.

Nationalism is blinding. Look what happened to Germany in the 1930s.

I would be the first to say something if the Government did something right--however, it hasn't happened yet . . . . :wink:


Indeed, nationalism is very blinding and dangerous. I'd hope these 2 pieces read together can show how 2 things can cloud your vision and kill your common sense: nationalism on the one hand, and hatred on the other.


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quoting one of my own essays, 'If there were no nations, there would be no wars.'

if interested, you'll find it on my site in the essay section, with the title, 'veterans' day'...
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