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How To Be A Good American (1 Viewer)


Just follow these simple steps:

1. First of all: America is ALWAYS right. (very important base for every argument)

2. If people question the intentions of the US government, immediately inform them that they’re anti-American and siding with the enemy.

3. If for some reason it becomes clear that the US government is wrong, get off that topic immediately by pointing out the many faults of other nations or the “left”.

4. Always talk about the great achievements of the US, but never its crimes. After all, any crimes the US committed in the past aren’t relevant today. Yes, sometimes America does some bad things, but we should be looking to the future. But never EVER let people forget the great atrocities of other nations. That’s key.

5. Blame the media for putting too much emphasis on anything that implicates the US in a crime, and point out how everyone is out to bring America down.

6. If someone points out the faults of Bush or Republicans, fight back by pointing out the faults of Kerry and the Democrats. It’s a good way to forget about the problems with Republicans, and you’ll feel better. Trust me.

7. Finally, never EVER talk about ways to improve America. Just use the old line “love it or leave it”. That never fails.

I guarantee if you follow these seven rules, you’ll be on your way to becoming a respectful, upstanding citizen of this great nation. Go USA!


Though I replied with the exact same response on your other post, I feel it makes my point, in the same manner as you have made yours. So without further adue:

Sadly, that is approach of many. And not just on America, but, Americans with regards to other nations too. Myself included at times.


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Pity the main implication here is so directly down GWB's line - if you're not for us, you're against us.

Frankly most people fall into neither of the two categories. You have simply labelled two extremes on a scale; most people find both things to like & things to dislike about the US.

Making the slightest criticism of US gets foreignors told to butt out because they aren't american or they don't have guns etc. etc.

I've even seen threats of violence by pro-yanks when someone dared to suggest the US might be misguided.

So, I think you need a 3rd post - How to be a Sane Person in a USA world.


Exactly, I labelled these 2 extremes to remind us not to fall towards one or the other. Most people are not at either end, but they do drift from time to time. I do, and I need reminding of how silly both of them are.


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repeating my post in the other thread, this is a quote from one of my essays:

"If there were no nations, there would be no wars."

for the rationale behind that, see 'veteran's day' on the site... m