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How to avoid script errors? Is "Another World(s)" a cliche? (1 Viewer)


To explain how the character works I would have to explain the plot, so I will try to summarize it:

Frank Surname, an 18-year-old boy, considers himself a nihilist after ending a relationship that basically sustained his happiness. Without his girlfriend around he felt empty, his days were gray and his desire to change something about himself was nonexistent. The story begins with a narrator telling Frank's story, from the break-up to him sitting listening to a tape recorder telling the story of his life. When the tape recorder was going to finish counting, Frank pressed it so hard it ended up breaking, threw it against the wall and ran out of the house, thinking that it was no longer safe there, because he considered himself a nihilist was something he had only commented on in his room, when talked to himself. His salvation, after a bad day at work, was to sleep in the greenroom of a friend, who worked as a clown in an attraction called "Dungeon". After seeing Frank in a terrible mood, his friend says to take a look at the dungeon, even though the circus is closed the attraction was still running normally. Frank accepted, even though he had never done this before, and walked at a normal speed. Suddenly, he hears his friend say "GUARDS, WE HAVE AN INTRUDER!". Frank gets scared and starts running in the opposite direction, but a guard managed to knock him out. He wakes up in a strange city, full of buildings very different from each other and totally alone.

Basic rules applied: Every time Frank dies he is reborn in another world. He comes back exactly the same he was before, with the same memories, the clothes are "translated" depending on the world, but remain similar to the originals. He's in an endless loop of dying and reliving.
If he dies and something is touching his body, such as clothes, glasses, weapons, etc. will travel between worlds as well. But be careful, if he has a gun in one world and goes to another, the gun can be translated into a bow if it is a medieval world.

About his personality: He is calm, but if something irritates him deeply he loses control and becomes the embodiment of anger. After some almost traumatic deaths he decides to start writing a diary. He is very good at drawing and likes to draw the creatures he sees. Some diaries were lost or destroyed in some worlds, making him very sad, but after the third diary he started to be much more careful. He likes bass, when he first saw the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, falling in love with music. He likes melancholic songs, for him these songs make him much more inspired to stay alive. His favorite band is The Smiths. He is not a fighter, but he prefers to be the marksman.

The villain: This is a part that is still under development, it is just the worst thing to develop, as there are 9 main enemies. It actually has 1 main, but the other 8 are extremely important. But I'm developing the main villain now, so I'll post just him.

The first will be the last, the great and the powerful ... FREEMAN.

At first he looks like a good man, he's been stuck in this infinite loop of worlds for a long time. He says he came in at about 22, and is currently 42. After Frank nearly killed two cultists, who burned one of his diaries and pretended that they were going to kill Frank later, Freeman appears and saves him. Frank is restrained by Freeman, and Frank is told that if he killed them their God would posses him, because he was overcome by his anger and bestiality.
Freeman gains the trust of Frank, who starts to train him to know how to defend himself. The way Frank was treated during training was similar to a human being and a worm. Frank begins to question him, as he was not teaching him to control his anger, but to let it take control of his body. Freeman never had an angry expression, whenever he mistreated Frank it was with a smile on his face or a neutral one. Freeman says that if it weren't for him, Frank would be nothing, in fact, Freeman said that even with the training he was still nothing. Frank gets extremely irritated, but after seeing his happy face he started to put some pieces together and build a theorie. Freeman wanted him to be angry, that made a lot of sense in his head. All the training was to make him angry with everything, even his mentor, to the point where he couldn't control himself anymore. When Frank accused him of being another enemy, Freeman still did not show any expression of anger, just that happy face over and over again.
The big plot twist I'm thinking of is making Freeman the main enemy, he who sent the recorder that told Frank's life, and it was he who made the clown take him to the "dungeon". Freeman is actually a much older being, who was initially a human, but after thousands and thousands of good and bad experiences, his feelings, emotions and sins are no longer "activated" anymore.
This made him feel no longer a human, and as his last option, he decided to choose very specific humans from different worlds who would teach him his "sins" again. We have 9 enemies, one of them is Freeman, one is part of his plan to recover his good feelings, and the other 7 are his sins. Frank was the anger, obviously.

I would love to write more about my ideas, but I think I have done enough, any question I am open to answer. I would love to develop my story further and remove possible