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how to attract women (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
WHYYYYYYYYYY are the good guys ALWAYS taken..... hahaaaaa..... oh well....

Oh not everyone.
Some of them are in the friendzone. [emoji87]

I have many guy friends that I know will be good partners.
But why am I not into them? I'm pretty sure they are not into me anyways either.

Well, I can be happy single with my pack of dogs. Hahaha.

Crowley K. Jarvis

WF Veterans
LMAO... He will never be the same... not once he sees what I arrive on... lol...

A couch covered in rose petals, which sitting upon you promptly instruct me to paint you like one of my french girls?

Music to his ears. Should stop him being crotchety.

I am NOT crotchety! What on earth gave you that idea? How dare you disrespect me, boy! I was... I'm... uh, what was I talking about?

Nurse, quickly! My pills! And it's time for my sponge bath!


Poetry Mentor
Staff member
Senior Mentor
Ahh no... I was thinking about arriving on my Raptor quad, with a cooler full of booze, a pocket full of bail money, a ride on the river, and a visit to Snake, an ex-con who will give FREE tattoos, once he has had too much to drink.. then after we make bail, and get out of jail, of course we could do the couch and paint thing... Does that sound fun Crooowley....

Olly Buckle

I suppose it depends on the woman, but writing a best seller and becoming very rich and famous would probably work with some.

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