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How Precious Life Is! (1 Viewer)



It’s now just 30 days after I was involved in a terrible automobile accident, and I’m happy to be alive. I have a deep appreciation for all of you. I’m not just happy to be alive but to know that we all have a brighter future to empower and bless so many people. I feel so much love and power from you through your cards and positive messages that I get choked up. Although we all come from many different faiths, you were all mainly saying that I’m in God’s hand and your prayers are with me.

I want to encourage you even in the midst of crises in the world and in your own life. It’s not just about making millions, which you all will do as you find groups of people and bless them with your time, your money, your spirit and your positive message. You will keep going forward step by step along the path that you are destined to travel so you will make the most of your life.
I’m more aware of how precious and short life is. I’ve never been a moody person so I didn’t understand other people’s moods and depressions until this accident. This was the first time that I felt that I might not pull out and recover from the accident. I congratulate you for persisting. I remember a famous singer saying after her accident, that she always appreciated her fans but she didn’t love them until after the accident. I appreciate and love the people that I work with more than I ever did before.

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If each of us could feel so keenly our own mortality, we too could see just how precious every waking moment is. We get bogged down in the daily duties, in conflicts and struggles, often run ragged by our own choices and forget to stop and consider the positive ways we could be impacting the lives of those around us. Death, despite his dark and ever-looming presence over our natural bodies, does good for those who realize he's there. He opens our eyes to the goodness of God, to what "eternal life" truly means for those who believe, and compells us to humbly accept and appreciate all that God provides out of his love for us.

The excerpted words of encouragement are appreciated. I hope your books are equally encouraging and successful.