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I don't read a certain amount of books per week, month, year. Depends on how interested I am in the book I'm reading, how long the book is, how much time I use on reading it...


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Depends on time - used to be 2 a week, now it's more like 2 a month. Interestingly my writing has also decreased to similar amounts per month, whereas when I was reading lots I was spitting out a couple of stories a week (although in my personal opinion not writing quite so often has improved the quality). Reading makes a lot of difference to how you write, or it does for me anyway.


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Really depends on the time I have. Sometimes one book a week, sometimes two.
I'm reading more now that I'm writing again. The one goes with the other, I guess.



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I only managed to read one book in the last 3 years, due to grad school... Usually, I read fairly slowly, as I like to get really wrapped up in the story. For me, it's quality, not quantity, in everything in life.

When I get wrapped up in a series or trilogy, etc., I usually read about one book every few weeks. I read The Hobbit in one day, and that's my record.


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As the books I read are all of different length, and I am very busy with school, I don't have a set amount. However, I read every day. With novels, I always read them from start to finish whenever I have a spare moment, provided the books interests me. Normally they do, I have only had to stop reading a few books in my life. In addition to novels and short stories, I have up to 5 or 6 different non-fiction books laying around at various stages of being read. I pick one up whenever I can.


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I've read probably 45 books in the last year. I know this because they wanted me to list all the books I've read in the past year for this college thing, and so I did. Crazy, huh?


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I'd say three or four per year. Sometimes a book will make me reflect on a single chapter for a month before I continue. Reading a good book is a spiritual experience for me.