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How it all went to Hell, A Love Story (1 Viewer)


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I really don't know what I'm doing as far as play writing goes. I have a little idea but I don't think I'm on the right path. Here's a portion:
This is a true story but I have changed the names to protect the innocent.

The setting is Christian and Karen's bedroom in the downtown apartment that they live in. Its an old turn of the century building and Christian prides himself on finding such a luxurious apartment in the downtown area. The bedroom has a night stand, queen sized bed, television, walk in closets and a large armoire. Two large suitcases and a carry on bag are opened and laying on the bed, the drawers are open on the armoire and there are clothes strewn wildy about. As the lights come up we see Christian sitting on the edge of the bed holding and Karen standing near him, each holding clothes.

Christian: You should wear this one when you go to Brazil, Karen! holds up a skimpy hot pink bikini. It really accenuates your ass and your boobs look great in it too!

Karen: Ohhh! I really like that one too! It's soooo comfortable. I don't know why I would wear this in Brazil though, without you there to appreciate it, it's pointless. flips her hair

C: Oh come on now, Babe!! You know that all those little brown boys down in South America are going to be hot and bothered for you. They dont get to see many people
with blonde hair. Besides, it'll give you a chance to experiment if you have any desires to do so before we get married in six months. looks at Karen and grabs her hands in his. Once we say "I do" that means its just you and I. I want to make sure that you don't have any reservations about us.

K: I don't have any reservations or regrets about us, Christian. I just am having a hard time following where you are going with this conversation. What are you saying you
want me to do or think I'll do this summer? sits next to Christian on the bed.

C: I just have been having some weird feelings about us lately Karen. I know that I love you and I know that you love me, but it feels as if I'm missing something in my life
and I want to make sure there isn't anything clouding my thoughts once we decide this is it. Are you following me?

K: What is missing in your life Christian? What do you think it is that you need to explore before we get married? looks at Christian as he stands up and walks across
the room and begins to pace.

C: I have been having thoughts and questions about my sexuality Karen. I want to make sure that I have that out of my system so I can spend the rest of my life with you
with no doubts in my mind. We both owe each other that much.


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you're right... this is not formatted anything like a play script... but, i'll give you an A- for effort and honesty!

you can download play scripts to see how to format this properly... and/or get a copy of paul argentini's 'elements of style for screenwriters' that has a whole section for playwrights in the back...

and/or, you can send this to me 'at home' and i'll show you how it should be done...

love and hugs, maia
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To answer you Starrwriter, he is in fact bisexual. The apartment is early 1900's though. He liked the Queen Anne style furnishings plus the older buildings.