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How I make my Arrows (1 Viewer)

Tyler Danann

Senior Member
How to make an arrow from an existing arrowshaft or 'blank'.

This arrow is good for a 45-50 lb draw english longbow.

Please note this is begins with a pre-prepared arrow 'blank' or shaft.



Poetry Mentor
Staff member
Senior Mentor
Well--I found the entire process fascinating. I was amazed at the precision needed to "fletch the arrow". I have always been intrigued by Bow Hunting. Every year we allow a hunter who really hunts for meat--not a Trophy--to hunt our property. He uses a compound Bow. Thanks. Peace always...Julia

Tyler Danann

Senior Member
Thanks folks.

Ok, this is how I turn raw-feathers into crafted fletchings:


It's not too difficult to do, but make sure your archery jig is large enough to take the fletching without crushing it took much etc.