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How I became a Cyber Terrorist (1 Viewer)


Llama Boy

I was sitting in 4th period, not doing my work. When a girl comes in to give me an office referral. The substitute calls my name, and I go to the office. I waited in the office for what seemed like hours (only a few minutes), when my AP (assistant Principle) came out and asked for my name. I told her "Jeremy Boyd".

"Ah, Mr. Boyd, we have quit the file on you."

I was scared, what is she talking about. I don’t get into any trouble. I am a good kid.

"We have a log that shows you have been downloading illegal software, and music."

That was a Bald Faced Lie. I hate p2p software, my last comp died from it, but I said nothing.

"In this log it gives us precise information on what was on you Network Folder. Let go down the list; MP3's from Kazaa, flight simulator 4, Telnet H4ck..."

Me, in outrage blurted, "Every thing in that folder is legal, and I can prove it. MP3s are from mp3.com CDs. Flight Simulator 4; Ms Gerwick gave to me for fun. Telnet hh4ck has nothing to do with hacking; it connects to the schools web server through telnet, and then downloads the HTML. Also, It doesn't work."

"We also have logged details saying that you have used Kazaa before."

This was the maddest I have been in a long time. "If I could, I would like to see the Time and Date that Kazaa was used."

It took her a while to come back.

"Uh... My log does not show the time that things were used, just that they were."

The conversation continued, but I zoned out. The last thing I remember her telling me was, "What you have done violates Federal Law... we will see that you are prosecuted."

Scared and confused got up, walked out the door. I started feeling queasy, so I stepped out side to throw up. I didn't. It went away. The only thing left was my outrage, and determination to get back at my school.

PS - Supposedly I have been hacking, and now my name is 'Red Flagged' for cyber terrorism. Pretty Gay huh?


Senior Member
I sorta feel your story a half-piece, with some slight problems with tenses. it seems like a diary, i mean, with possible follow-ups.

The answers to your AP were funny though:)