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How goes it, Internet?! (1 Viewer)

Sooo my name is Emris (or is it?) and I write shirt stories and screenplays. I'm currently working on a screenplay called Twitch. Wanna read a preview? I'll probably post one if I can figure this site out

-Emris J.


Senior Member
Hello. And sooo then your name is ? The Internet, as you probably already know (including this site)
isn't so difficult to figure out, though might seem confusing at times, yes.

Welcome to the forums, Emris

Terry D

Retired Supervisor
Welcome, Emirs. Our site is pretty straight forward; you just need to make ten posts--best made in the creative boards, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, etc. commenting on the works of other members--then you can post your work here for review and comment. Take some time to look around, spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with our Rules, and get to feeling at home.

Again, welcome.


Staff member
Hi Emris, welcome to the site. :) If you accidentally misspelled your username, send me a PM and I'll fix it for you.