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How do you folks CELEBRATE YOUR BOOK LAUNCH? (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I launched my 2nd book earlier this week (a self-publishing guide) and didn't do anything to celebrate b/c I had to work that night. Same thing happened with my 1st book launch four months ago. I'd love to hear any interesting ideas that you have to celebrate your book launch (book launch party, book signing, fancy dinner, etc.).


Staff member
It really depends. I think I would plan a virtual launch party with online chat and then invite some of my peers for a live chat Q&A session.


WF Veterans
If there ever was such a situation, i'd just pour myself a long one, sit with my feet up and glow inwardly feeling very smug.


Retired Chief Media Manager
I've attended several. On the one end of the spectrum, it was the 2nd Serafina book by Robert Beatty. #1 was already a bestseller, so Disney-Hyperion went all out at a local Barnes & Noble and had all of the following: A live owl, launch staff in period dress, contest for best costume, pics with staff, author on hand to sign books, ice cream, drinks, cookies, etc.

Recently a novel for a debut author. It was at an indie book store, beer & wine on hand. Readings by author and 2 other local authors. About 35 folks in attendance. Author's agent had a huge cake made with that was decorated as the cover of the book. Free t-shirts. Drawing for signed illustration of scene from the book.

And I'm sure there is everything in between. I expect that a non-fiction book launch would have a very different feel as well!