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How do I write characters in a satire? (1 Viewer)


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So I intend to write a story where the characterization of the cast mostly consists of negative stereotypes of the types of people I am satirizing. How do I make the characters entertaining to read about in spite of them not necessarily being likeable people? How can I have the audience laugh at them?
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Read any book by Christopher Moore. Really, pay attention to how he builds his characters, it will give you a good starting point. I would suggest starting with my personal favorite, 'Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal', or 'Fluke'.

Over-the-top mannerisms can work but I would study the stereotypes to see what makes them tick. Take them apart and look at the pieces, then slap 'em back together in a different order and see how they look.

Ralph Rotten

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Watch a few episodes of Big bang.
If Sheldon can become a beloved character, than anyone can.

Really the question is too broad. it's like asking "How to write?" :)

Question: These characters...are they based on people you know or movie characters/actors?

Ralph Rotten

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For the record. with a project like this I usually talk through the dialog and interactions.
Yep, I literally drive down the road talking to myself.
Worse yet, I do it in their voice/
Hearing the dialog and interactions helps me firm up the characters and root out inconsistent actions/responses.
I am always asking myself "Would character X really do this?"


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You want to make an audience laugh, but don't know much about comedy. It's not something I see very often anymore, but you can always try watching cartoons? Its not impossible, but I hope it turns out well for you.