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How do I make the name "Maxime" work in this paragraph? (1 Viewer)

mr. ramstad

Senior Member
I want the correct way to add "Maxime" in a way which correctly reflects him thinking about what her is.

"Later that afternoon Lord Farley found himself back at home, he was sat on a chair which was far too small for his size. There was nothing but a simple wooden table in front of him in which his arms lay out resting on it. He thought about that day's goings on, the meeting about the ship, the unpleasant run-in with Lady (Maxime?) and somehow drifted into a state of self-reflection... "


WF Veterans
If she is his wife he wouldn't use her title. Isn't Maxime a man's name? Do you mean Maxine?

Later that afternoon, Lord Farley; sitting on a chair far too small for him while resting his arms on a small table; reflected on the day's events, and of his the argument with Maxime...


Senior Member
That afternoon Lord Farley found himself at home, and sat upon a chair too small for his bottom and where a wooden table rested in front of him. He spread his arms and also rested, upon the table, and thought about the day, the meeting, the ship, the unpleasant run-in with Lady (Maxime?), oh my darling Maxi he gurgled, and drifted into a state of self-reflection...NO, too abrupt, he's thinking about her so insert a clause to show the drift to elsewhere. [And] cut the flab or the story will become tiresome/tiring for reading

All best boss :)