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How Did You Come By Your User Name? (1 Viewer)


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My real name is Susan. My friends call me Sue. My last name begins with a C. Seemed like a natural to me, as I'm not creative enough to come up with a user name that's me, but not me. :)

Crooked Bird

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Mine doesn't have a big story, but in my fanciful days in college I identified myself with a swallow because it flies both high and low, and I love highfalutin intellectual abstractions and getting my hands in the dirt and couldn't really do without either. I called myself SwallowFeather initially on other forums because Swallow tended to be already taken and/or to sound too much like it's about eating, but I started to think it sounded cutesy. In The Poisonwood Bible one of the characters, who has a disability and an unusual way of thinking, learns the local word for swallow in the corner of Africa she's in and it translates to something along the lines of crooked bird. I liked that--it sounded cooler and added another level of meaning. I rarely fly straight. :)
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